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Dive into the FleetMon Vessel Database and search for ships from all over the world. Add the ships to "My Fleet" with the "star" symbol in order to follow them later.

IMO Ship and Company Number Scheme

Benefit from data recorded in the ship wiki and share your knowledge with the community. Need a FleetMon account? Sign Up now. It is great that you want to track the seven seas! Unfortunatly your browser is out of date. To view our website correctly you need an up to date browser. It is a security risk for you to use an old browser by the way.

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Update your Browser now. Discover more than vessels Dive into the FleetMon Vessel Database and search for ships from all over the world. Exact Name Search. Hide Navigation Aids. Hide Vessels without Photos. Reset all Filter. Gulf of Oman, AE terrestrial. Signal Age. My Fleet. Add to My Fleet. Seattle, US terrestrial. Singapore, SG terrestrial.To maintain comprehensive and accurate databases IHS Markit has developed over a period of time a number of key strategic agreements with governmental and inter-governmental organisations.

In addition to this, IHS Markit has recently launched a new, versatile and expandable shiptype coding system. The new system takes coding to a new level of detail and was created to meet the demands of both a changing industry and the requirements of those wishing to perform either aggregated analysis or analysis on individual vessel types.

The International Maritime Statistics Forum have given their support to the new system which is now being incorporated into our products. Further information can be found below. The Numbers are issued from the global maritime databases maintained by IHS Markit and consist of a unique seven digit number.

The Scheme assigns IMO Ship Numbers to propelled, sea-going merchant ships of GT and above, with the exception of the following: vessels solely engaged in fishing, ships without mechanical means of propulsion, pleasure yachts, ships engaged on special service e. IHS Markit has extended the Scheme on a voluntary basis to include some of the above excluded shiptypes, and in particular fishing vessels and commercial yachts that meet solas requirements.

The IMO Ship Number is assigned to the total or greater portion of the hull enclosing the machinery space which is the determining factor should additional sections be added. Replies are normally dispatched within a few working days from receipt of each request.

IHS Markit reserves the right to refuse to assign an IMO Ship Number until all identification criteria have been supplied and to make a charge for processing significant batch requests of numbers. IHS Markit processes IMO Number receipts by strict rotation and it is recommended that applicants should forward requests at their earliest opportunity. Applications involving more than one ship are accepted on a single ship per form basis only. This site is supplied with up to date fleet and owner information from the databases of IHS Markit.

imo search name

The Numbers are issued from the global maritime databases maintained by IHS Markit and consists of a unique seven digit number. The purpose of the Scheme is to assign a permanent number for identification purposes to each company and registered owner managing ships of GT and above engaged on international voyages. Flag Administrations may also involve ships in the Scheme not engaged on international voyages. The Number stays the same when a company changes its name, or if its ships are transferred to another flag.

When companies merge, IHS Markit will assign the Number of the larger company to the new amalgamated entity, while the Number of the small entity will be frozen and not re-used. This is to ensure that the formats of names are consistent with language and character sets used by its software and the software of organisations to which it supplies data.

However, for clarification, IHS Markit also records the name-style as supplied by administrations for registered owners whose company registration is in the national jurisdiction of the administration. Numbers for new companies, and amendments to existing companies, can also be requested through this site. There are multiple different vessel type data coding systems in use today.

Of all the systems currently maintained, no one system completely meets the requirements of those wishing to perform aggregated obtain a detailed vessel type descriptor for a particular vessel, i. Many coding systems are now out of date and too inflexible to meet the ever changing technological face of shipping. A popular coding system that goes some way to meeting user's requirements today is the Statcode, but it does not go into enough individual vessel detail. Rather than modify four level coding system and to prevent widescale legacy and time-series problems we concluded that an expansion on the existing system was the way forward.

We have therefore kept Statcode and introduced a new level, Level 5, which contains more specific vessel type information view table below.

Key clients and members of the International Maritime Statistics Forum have already lent their support to the new system. It is already being incorporated into our products and all new data production requests are being supplied as Statcode 5 compliant. The existing Statcode takes users to Level 4. Below is an example of the new level 5 items in red are additions :.

The new Level 5 is in synergy with the previous Level codes and provides extra functionality. Some cargo vessel types span more than one category so grouping these brings benefit to the analytical user. We have introduced a digit reference for hull shape and a two alpha reference to help identify vessels involved in the carriage of particular cargo or are defined in some way by their operation. The full code contains hierarchical information from left and right, both ends providing filtering capabilities:.To access a list of approved network providers in your service area, please follow the two simple steps below.

For assistance, contact our customer care line at If you do not live in a geographic county listed, please contact your employer, carrier or IMO at All providers listed in this directory are accepting new patients. IMO has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this listing. However, changes may occur daily. The network ensures access to a treating doctor or general hospital located within 30 miles of your residence if you live in a non-rural area or within 60 miles of your residence if you live in a rural area.

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The network also ensures access to a specialist or specialty hospital located within 75 miles of your residence if you live in either a non-rural or rural area. If you are unable to locate a provider on this list within the applicable distance, please contact the network at Search by Provider Last Name:. Search by City Name:. Treating Doctors. Your treating doctor must be the one to refer you to a specialist.

There is no service area requirement for Telemedicine. All Providers.In case you want to know who added you on imo, you will find below the steps to check Who Added me on imo, using your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet. Most people are social by nature and pretty much interested in knowing who is trying to contact or befriend them on social media.

Hence, it is quite normal in case you are interested in knowing Who Added You on imo. Just like other social media apps, imo provides an easy way to find out about the people that have added your number on their IMO contacts list and you will find below the steps to see the list of people who have added you on imo. Open the im0 app on your Android Phone or Tablet.

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Next, tap on the 3 line icon located at the bottom left corner of your screen See image below. On the next screen, tap on Add Friends option. On the Add Friends screen, tap on Added me option. On the next screen, you will be able to see the list of people who have added you in their IMO Contacts list. Next, tap on the 3 dots icon located at the top-left corner of your screen.

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On the next screen, tap on Added Me option. Who Added Me on imo Most people are social by nature and pretty much interested in knowing who is trying to contact or befriend them on social media.Passenger ships should carry the marking on a horizontal surface visible from the air.


Ships should also be marked with their ID numbers internally. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode.

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Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Turn off Animations. Turn on Animations. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Surveys, Verifications and Certification. IMO identification number schemes. Implementation of IMO instruments.

Page Content. Circular letter No. The IMO ship identification number scheme was introduced in through adoption of resolution A. It aimed at assigning a permanent number to each ship for identification purposes. That number would remain unchanged upon transfer of the ship to other flag s and would be inserted in the ship's certificates.Making any large purchase in life always requires great thought on your part.

You never just jump into buying a house or a car without looking everything over, performing inspections, and doing research on the home or car you want to buy.

imo search name

If you are considering purchasing a commercial boat or large recreational vessel, you should be willing to do the same homework to make sure you have the background of the boat before you buy it. There is information out there that you can get that can help you, and if you perform a documented vessel search by name you can get some of what you need for your investigation.

When you are performing a search like this, the information is going to come from United States Coast Guard. The Coast Guard keeps a registry of all the boats that are documented federally, and this database is available for searching. All you need to have to perform the search is other the vessel documentation number or the name of the ship, and you can perform the search at any one of the many websites on the Internet that have the database search function available.

When you do a documented vessel search by nameyou will get information back from the Coast Guard that can be useful to you. Some of the information includes ownership information, including the current owner and previous owners, the age of the boat, the registered hailing port of the boat, and other characteristics of the boat itself.

You can also see when the boat was last documented so you will know if the documentation has expired or not. The information can be useful to you and provide you with a background on the boat that can let you see if this is a vessel you want to purchase.

imo search name

If you are looking for a place to perform a documented vessel search by namehere at Maritime Documentation Center, we can assist you. We have a vessel search function that you can find here on our website so you can quickly plug in the vessel name and get the information you want.


We can also help you with several documenting and application services with the Coast Guard. Check the listings here on our site so you can find the applications you may need so you can file easily with us and have it sent on to the Coast Guard.

By: Maritime Documentation Center April 27, Terms and Conditions. Ship Mortgage. What You Can Get from the Search When you do a documented vessel search by nameyou will get information back from the Coast Guard that can be useful to you. Where to do a Documented Vessel Search by Name If you are looking for a place to perform a documented vessel search by namehere at Maritime Documentation Center, we can assist you.

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