White label e wallet solutions


Technologies simplify daily activities calling the first aid or simply coffee ordering and without them, it would be difficult to cope with all the problems. Nowadays plastic cards are relatively popular and widespread, but it seems that they are going to be gradually replaced by modern payment tools, e. Apple Pay and Google Pay are very popular today because they allow you to make purchases really fast and save time.

white label e wallet solutions

The special digital card is a great way to collect useful points, perform preorders buy the fuel earlier and get it on the station without waiting and spending the timeand make all the mentioned earlier operations. Many customers talk much about QR-code charges, which are easy-to-do and take only a few minutes. It has to be noted, that virtual wallet online also allows choosing the source for payment credit card, bank account, or digital money. Every mobile subscriber can easily top up minutes, effect payments, collect loyalty points, bonuses.

All the top-ups can be made online, including electricity, gas, and water bills, funds transferring to friends and relatives, etc. Banks get the chance to sell more targeted products and enjoy development of modern technologies in practice.

Anyone can link any card to the app and pay for everything. White label products are made for companies that will release them under their brand. Wallet Factory solutions are useful when a manufacturer needs additional assets for promotion, when it is necessary to conquer new markets or establish new sources of revenue. It also creates an opportunity to step away from competitors and reach new level of sales.

The virtual card app has real functional advantages, among which there are getting a cashback and various pleasant rewards, electronic payments making, and presenting multifarious ways of encashment modes.

white label e wallet solutions

Thanks to the specialized virtual credit card app white labelthe Wallet Factory Company allows making easy transfers between cards of different banks.

The person can send finance abroad and be sure, that the fixed sum will definitely reach the addressee. The recipient will receive a notification to email or phone. The virtual wallet debit card security is provided at the highest level. Sent and received data is encoded, and transfers of a large amount of money can be additionally protected.

White Label Wallet App Development

Remarkably, the virtual credit card application usually has QR code function, which is very convenient: just scan a one-of-a-kind QR code that you can find in a cafe or other point of sale and confirm the payment amount.The number of cryptocurrency wallet users worldwide has elevated from less than 6. As of mid-Septemberthe crypto market witnessed an incredible number of over 42 million crypto wallet users. These stats are a testament to the increasing popularity and adoption of crypto wallets — both white label cryptocurrency wallet and new wallets built from scratch.

If you are into cryptocurrency, you are more likely to have a wallet. For those who do not what crypto wallets are and why you need the wallets, let us shed some light on the same. A cryptocurrency wallet is akin to a traditional leather wallet used for fiat currencies. However, being an online wallet, a crypto wallet is for cryptocurrency — it is used to send, receive and store crypto assets.

It uses public and private keys to initiate and process transactions. Cryptocurrencies are gaining rapid traction and are being traded by a multitude of individuals and businesses worldwide. Furthermore, Bitcoin has acquired acceptance as a means of payment by various countries around the globe.

Many food delivery apps and e-commerce sites are accepting Bitcoin payments. Even the National governments are paying for trade deals in Bitcoin. If you want to use Bitcoin to make your payments, or you want to trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you need a crypto wallet. You can choose between a single-cryptocurrency wallet and a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. A single-cryptocurrency wallet like Bitcoin wallet and Ethereum wallet stores Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.

On the contrary, multi-cryptocurrency wallets support a spectrum of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more, along with various tokens. Cryptocurrency wallets simplify and expedite transactions without jeopardizing the security.

A white label cryptocurrency wallet has market-ready back-end and easy-to-customize front-end, thereby allowing quick deployment and launch.

Many businesses and individuals prefer a white label wallet because it is relatively cheap and accelerates time-to-market. Furthermore, since it is ready-made, you need not have the technical expertise to get your wallet developed. Although a white label crypto wallet is an already-developed solution, it is integrated with all necessary features to ensure world-class security and performance.

At Antier, we reinforce our white label cryptocurrency wallet with the following features:. On the contrary, a wallet built from ground zero needs everything to be done from the very beginning. It involves more development time and cost. It is a good option if you want a fully-customized wallet integrated with special features that are not available in any white label wallet. Features play a crucial role in influencing the cost of a cryptocurrency wallet.

More the number of features, higher will be the development cost. While a white label wallet comes with a pre-defined set of features, its cost would be more or less the same as that is set by a crytocurrency wallet development company, although it may vary slightly as per the level of customization required.

Premier’s White Label payment gateway

Conversely, for a wallet built from scratch, there is no set cost and it varies with the requirement of features. However, a wallet development company may set a basic price for a new wallet and advise you the exact price once your requirements are known. The integration of each coin and token requires its own time and efforts.

The cost of a wallet is directly proportional to the number of coins or tokens to be integrated into the wallet. With real-world experience delivering white label and new crypto wallets to our clients in more than countries, we are a trusted cryptocurrency wallet development company.And amidst the still overcrowded e-wallet sphere in Malaysia, things are about to get a little more interesting with a local fintech player receiving the approval for white labelling services.

To put it simply, white labelling is the process where a company builds a product or technology and licences it out to another company, which labels it as their own product. Businesses can have their own personalised e-wallet while eliminating the high cost and long lead time of developing an e-wallet from scratch.

Tan, who is also an executive director at Green Packet, said such functionalities included a spectrum of mobile payments, discounts, loyalty rewards, P2P money transfer, data top ups and bill payments could be made available in the e-wallet itself. While this would not only give a full control to improve brand discernibleness and deliver the best user experience, Tan pointed out that it also provided business owners better opportunities to interact with their customers and better anticipate their needs and desires.

It currently provides e-wallet for business-to-business-to-consumer segments and payment gateway for business-to-business segments. Setel is the first fuel e-payment solution in Malaysia, available at more than Petronas stations nationwide. The e-wallet had just recorded over three million transactions as of January over a period of around six months, only in the Klang Valley.

Following what it had achieved with Setel, Tan also hinted at another collaboration with another oil and gas company which currently operates more than petrol stations in Malaysia, to follow soon. This white labelling service could see the incorporation of artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

Apart from its experience with oil and gas companies, KiplePay had also worked with the Kedah, Perak and Selangor governments to enable cashless disbursement of welfare allowance via debit cards to more than 60, families. He added that KiplePay is set to explore and offer white labelling services to more organisations and corporations with a large customer base in sectors like insurance, food, retail, transportation and also direct companies and companies that prioritise loyalty programmes.

More News.MMAD delivers white label global e-wallet solutions to payment service providers, ISOs, acquirers, online businesses, enterprise corporates, government etc. Architected by a team of talented digital payment market analysts and engineers, who have put their insight and payment industry experience of over 15 years in its designing and alliances.

White-Label Solution

We do not claim to be the best or the market leader but with our adaptive payment technology platform and unparalleled client services, we can help your business reach its true potential. Digital wallets have changed the way people use to keep their money. Digital wallets are similar to your physical wallets where you keep your money but the catch is you keep your money in digital mode and make all your payments and transactions with the help of your smartphone making it more secure and safe.

Transactions in electronic wallets happen within an eye blink and are more trusted. Employing electronic wallet service in your digital platform provides convenience for repeated customer to store their money in your wallet and use it to make their purchases without having to go again through the payment gateway.

MMADApps helps you in establishing your own wallet service can provide your customers with more convenient payment mode. Private wallets increase the confidence of customers in the services you offer. The team of experts we have to provide seamless wallet Integration service within the time frame.

Our electronic wallet integration service is cost effective and quick and provide seamless engagement and communicate with ease across all your digital platforms. We have architected the wallet integration system with a number of people from various domains who have put together their expertise to develop an easy and faster deployable system to assure the best user experience.

The features of our wallet integration service are. A Fast, safe, and secure wallet service you offer to your customers helps you in building their trust in you and being white label can help you in leading your services without interference from any third parties. If you have any idea to provide personalized wallet to your beloved customers, then MMADApps is the stop you have to be. White Label Wallet App Development.

The features of our wallet integration service are White label deployment. Tax Management. Developer API Integration. Secure and Trusted. Multiple Payment Options. All Rights Reserved.Fully customizable interface. Open Banking Integrations.

MFS Enabler platform for e-wallet business

PIN Code Auth for extra security. Multi-currency support. Private blockchain for real-time secure transactions. NFC and QR payments. P2P Money transfers. Credit card integrations. Loans and Microfinance applications. Company payroll solutions. Cryptocurrency trading. Brokerage platforms. Personal finance tools. Velmie helped Vivexpay to build a mobile wallet for digital asset management, one of the most advanced on the market.

It comes with multi-currency support including cryptocurrencies; biometric and 2FA authentication; instant payments and p2p money transfers; cryptocurrency exchange engine; branded payment cards and more. App StoreGooglePlay. We deliver cutting-edge technology in finance and help to implement advanced back end, mobile and AI FinTech solutions.

Find out more. We help to introduce the most disruptive value exchange technology. Get advantages of the extensive knowledge and experience. As a certified Amazon AWS partner we handle the cloud migration, maintenance and compliance for the financial products.

Using Mobile Wallets as a Company. Payroll Solutions. Mobile digital wallets are revolutionizing the financial services industry and offering far more potential than just making and receiving digital payments. We explore one exciting area of development: branded mobile wallets as a payroll solution. The Practical Blockchain.

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It is also one of the most poorly understood. This state of affairs exists despite the fact that significant effort has been made to explain blockchain technology to non-technical audiences through the mainstream media, industry reports, academic and online courses, and other channels. Belarus: ChyhunachnayaMinsk, Belarus, White-Label Mobile Wallet Solution. Use Cases. Customer Stories. Mobile eWallet powered by Blockchain.

FinTech Platforms Development. Blockchain Solutions.

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Core Banking Solutions.White-label Marketplace. End-to-end Commerce Platform. One App for Everything. Vendasta is built with the very specific purpose of helping B2B sellers who provide solutions for local small and medium businesses.

We use big data and AI to streamline sales and marketing. The more of the platform you use, the better everything works together to grow your revenue. Deliver small and medium businesses a sign-in to manage their entire digital storefront, under your brand.

Live task management, dynamic proof of performance, and access to your customized store through a single login. The only end-to-end commerce platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses.

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Help businesses succeed online and build monthly recurring revenue. Get started for free. Learn More. Grow monthly recurring revenue selling software under your own brand. Find new products to sell White-label Marketplace. Scale your business End-to-end Commerce Platform. Wow your clients One App for Everything. Get to market fast, and start earning now! See how it works. Experience all the scalability advantages of an end-to-end e-commerce platform. Build your own software stack with multiple products Avg.

Be the hero your clients need you to be. Everything an SMB needs to thrive online. Explore tools for reputation management, listings, social marketing, e-commerce, productivity, and more. Brand your business app and sell the way that works for you. Provide Business Center, your rebrandable client-facing app, at no cost. Easily customize and add trusted products to your store for your clients to discover. Automated proof of performance reporting. Prove to your clients that your efforts are paying off: give them access to detailed reporting and analytics that keep them engaged.Say goodbye to heavy pockets, payments are now simple and secure with our digital wallet.

No more holding extra notes and cards with all your important information protected and accessible on one device. The more you use our E-Wallet, the more you save with the coupons and vouchers you receive. Whether you are a customer, merchant or a partner, making and accepting payments is now made easy with our Digital Wallet.

Topping-up your E-Wallet is now an easy and straightforward process.

white label e wallet solutions

Never lose track of your transactions again! With a single click you can now see your full transaction history. We offer convenience for merchants to receive payments with dynamic QR codes, check your sales history report and send e-receipts all from the same device.

Enjoy quick settlements with our daily settlement report while we give you the ability to void transactions and view your transaction history at any time. Have full control of all aspects of your business with credit settling, tracking, reviewing and managing all E-Wallet activities with our portal. Bring convenience to your customers like no other with our Merchant Acceptance Application and Merchant Management Portal.

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Enjoy our E-Wallet branded and fully customized under your own business name or if you have your own app, it can be seamlessly integrated with our E-Wallet.

Our Management Portal will give you the flexibility of tracking and reviewing your business activities, control over merchant transactions and funds and simplifying the merchant boarding process. Enjoy our Superks Rewards platform that provides different rewards and loyalty schemes to give back to your customers and merchants. By using our services, your information will be shared with us and we adhere to the responsibility of protecting your personal information and data.

To learn more about how we handle your data, please refer to our privacy policy and terms of service. View Privacy Policy. View Terms of Service. Get started with us and bring convenience to your business.

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All Rights Reserved. Business Solution. Payments E-Wallets. About Fasspay.

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